• How to Buy Throw Pillows

    How to Buy Throw Pillows
    Looking to buy throw pillows? Shopping for throw pillows can be daunting. There are literally hundreds of thousands of options to choose from which cover any and every style you can dream up. (We have a few thousand throw pillows for sale just on our own website!) So how do you narrow down the best styles for your space? Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on a newly...
  • Three Approaches to Living Room Design

    Three Approaches to Living Room Design
    In every home, the living room is a natural gathering spot, a place where friends and family convene to relax, watch a movie, or enjoy conversation (and perhaps a cocktail or two). However, depending on the needs of your family and the size of your home, the function–and design–of your living room may vary from a comfy, casual spot, to an adults-only space with a more...
  • The History of Ikat & Why We Love It

    The History of Ikat & Why We Love It
    Ikat throw pillows may be a huge trend in interior design at the moment, but the popular printmaking technique actually has roots that date back hundreds of years. The process, which involves strategically tying and knotting yarn then dying it in order to form patterns, can almost be likened to tie-dye, except that the dying is done before individual threads are actually woven into...
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