How to Fluff Down Pillows Like a Pro

How to Fluff Down Pillows Like a Pro

Here at The Pillow Collection, we take pride in our pillows. We firmly believe that a fluffy throw pillow is the best kind of pillow. That’s why we want to provide you with the best methods for how to keep your pillows looking fluffed and fabulous!

Why Does My TPC Pillow Insert Seem Flat?

When your new TPC throw pillows arrive, they might seem a little… flat. Believe it or not, we do this on purpose!

When our warehouse team packs up your inserts for shipping, your inserts are compressed down in order to fit into the smallest box possible. This is consciously done in order to keep our shipping rates as low as possible (smaller package = lower shipping cost!) and, in turn, maintain our ability to offer premium affordable throw pillows and shams.

When a feather-filled pillow is fluffed, the filling expands, thus contributing to the loft (or thickness) of the pillow. Generally, the greater the pillow loft, the fuller the pillow is. As you continue to fluff your new pillow using our instructions below, it will continue to expand to gradually restore its loft and fullness within.

We recommend fluffing your pillows often, especially in the first few weeks after you receive them, in order to encourage fill expansion and to maintain fullness. Additionally, the more a pillow is used (if on a living room couch, for example) the more fluffing it will require.

Feather Decorative Pillows | The Pillow Collection

How to Fluff a Down/ Feather Pillow

It’s time to give your down pillows a good fluff to restore fullness! This ensures that they look and feel their best before settling into their new home on top of your bed or nestled in the corner of your sofa.

  • Step 1: Take a corner of your pillow in each hand, then repeatedly bring your hands together and pull them apart rather vigorously. The goal is to get as much airflow into the filling as possible.
  • Step 2: Rotate your pillow 90°, then repeat Step 1. Repeat on all sides until all sides have been fluffed.
  • Step 3: Now, give the center of the pillow a couple of good hits/ punches to distribute the filling or air (we promise this doesn’t hurt them!)
  • Step 4: Voilà! Your pillow should now be looking fluffy and full. Feel free to give it a good “karate” chop on top for a designer-approved finishing touch!

For bolster pillow insertswe recommend following the same steps listed above. Since bolster cushions don't have corners to grip, simply hold each end of the cylinder pillow in one hand, then follow our fluffing steps.

These instructions are specifically intended for down and feather pillows, not poly, cotton, or other pillow fillings that do not require the same care as genuine feather pillows (but they don’t last as long either!)


When it comes to sleeping pillows, everyone has their personal preference - some like them plush and squishy, while others prefer a more supportive spot to rest their head. Decorative pillows, on the other hand, rarely look good when they’ve fallen flat and floppy. Remember to fluff your pillows often to maintain fullness!
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Decorative Lumbar Cushions | The Pillow Collection

3 Ways to Style a Lumbar Pillow Anywhere in Your Home

When it comes to choosing throw pillows, your options are pretty much endless (we have over 800 styles here at TPC alone!) While that prospect may seem a bit overwhelming at first, learning what the different shapes, sizes, and styles of decorative pillows are best suited for helps to make sense of your options. In general, there are a few standard shapes and sizes you can expect to find offered by most pillow manufacturers, one of those being the lumbar pillow.

Lumbar pillows, a close cousin of the square throw pillow, feature a rectangular shape and come in a range of sizes from small, at barely a foot long, to oversized lumbar cushions, such as body pillows. They are ideal for adding a bit of additional back support to a chair or couch under the guise of just being a cute decor item. Lumbar pillows also, typically, are larger than a square pillow or sham (at least in width) so they are great for filling in horizontal space, like on a wide couch for example. All lumbar pillows we offer here at The Pillow Collection are made in the USA and include a 95/5 feather down insert or a 100% poly fiber insert for outdoor styles. They come in 4 sizes: 12" x 18", 12" x 24", 14" x 36", and 14" x 48".

There are a thousand ways you can style a lumbar pillow, but we’ve put together 3 easy ways that you can incorporate a lumbar throw pillow into your home decor. 

Sweet & Simple

Plopping down an extra long lumbar pillow on any bed or couch is an opportunity to make a statement with your decor that is bold, yet tasteful. An extra long lumbar pillow can be used as a color pop, for a bit of pattern play, to bring in an accent color, and so much more. A 14" x 48" lumbar cushion will be hard to miss once laid across your bed or sofa, so use it wisely!

One thing we love about using a large lumbar pillow is that it also adds practicality to your decor (and who doesn't mant more of that?) If you’re someone who dreads arranging a stack of throw pillows on your bed each morning, or you’re tired of fluffing and adjusting your decorative couch pillows every time you get up, a lumbar cushion eliminates those issues entirely.

Additionally, if you lean toward minimalist decor or, conversely, have a couch or bedding that already has a lot going on, a single, simple lumbar pillow might be just the finishing touch that your space needs.

For this style, we recommend a bold yet timeless pattern, like our Jaspen Lumbar Pillow, which features a black and white buffalo plaid pattern.

Buffalo Check Lumbar Pillow | The Pillow Collection

Mix it Up

Use a lumbar pillow within an arrangement of other decorative throw pillows, such as euro shams, bolster pillows, and other lumbar cushion sizes to create a look that is playful and dynamic. Feel free to experiment with patterns, colors, textures, and shapes to create a designer-inspired, yet personalized look.

We suggest including some symmetry within the arrangement (like on either side of a couch) to help create cohesion. Making your pillow display asymmetrical, though, can add a bit of edginess to your decor by going against predictable pillow styling.

For this look, choosing a pillow that goes with everything is the perfect place to build off of. We recommend something like our Fairfield Lumbar Pillow, which features a muted medallion print  - plus it comes in multiple colorways that you can mix and match!

Tip: If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by options and want some advice on how to shop for throw pillows, check out our blog: How To Buy Throw Pillows.


Get Creative!

If you’re anything like we are here at TPC, you’ve already got a few too many throw pillows than you can reasonably decorate with, but love to keep shopping for and decorating with new ones. Well, what if we told you that decorative cushions don’t have to stay on the couch or bed? Try adding throw pillows to other spots in your home, such as chairs, futons, recliners, benches, and ottomans (don’t forget your outdoor living spaces!)

Not only does this create physical comfort for when those furniture pieces are used (even if it’s a rarity), but it allows you to express yourself (and your superb decorating skills) all throughout the home. So go ahead, give those boxed up toss cushions a new place to shine!

We love the way our Cyprus Throw Pillow in Paint, Cove Throw Pillow, and Riverdale Lumbar Pillow in Watermelon look styled on a bench (pictured below), creating an inviting entryway that tastefully blends neutrals with color.

Remember: These tips are simply intended to serve as a guideline or jumping-off point for you to explore new pillow styles. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your own ideas and break away from the “rules” of home decorating - just have fun with it!

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Getting to Know Different Types of Floral

Getting to Know Different Types of Floral

Floral pattern’s roots (no pun intended) can be traced all the way back to the 11th century in China, where luxurious floral silk fabrics and clothing were worn by the wealthy and became highly profitable and desired trade items across Asia. From there, it slowly spread into India where it merged with India’s preexisting rich fabric and dyeing industries, such as the historical chintz fabric. Many countries, India being one of them, developed their own distinct floral patterns in art independently of China’s influence, but China is believed to have been first to merge florals and fabrics.

From India, floral fabric finally made its way to Europe in the 14th century but became most popular in the 17th- 18th centuries. As the Renaissance came to an end and made its final ripples across Europe, it brought with it the mindset of higher, urbanized living standards and a rejection of the “dark age” that came before it. With this new affluent mindset combined with the abundance of expensive goods coming from the East, 1700s Europe became flush with decadent homes and clothing owned by the upper echelons of society- and floral embroidered fabric was one of the items at the top of the list.

Even 300 years later, floral patterns remain a favorite choice in the interior design world- especially for small accent items like pillows. Centuries worth of creativity, innovation, and societal change have created dozens of different styles of floral that are recognized today- meaning there’s a floral throw pillow out there to suit almost any person’s style. Let’s talk about a few of those!

  • Ditsy floral
  • Ditsy floral is a very modern take on floral pattern and is currently extremely popular in clothing and interior design for Summer 2022. “Ditsy” is most commonly used to describe floral patterns, but it actually just refers to any pattern that is tiny and irregular. Some other patterns that can often be found with ditsy versions are spots, geometrics, and animal prints. Ditsy floral throw pillows are great for adding a dainty and feminine touch to a space without being too bold. Our Leonti Throw Pillow is a fun take on ditsy floral, featuring an allover dandelion print on coral. The Carver Pillow Sham is a great example of a ditsy leopard print.  

  • Paisley
  • Paisley is not a purely floral pattern, but it traditionally incorporates floral elements. This intricate pattern is characterized by teardrop shaped motifs with lots of botanical and scroll detailing. Paisley also tends to feature lots of colors in its plentiful detailing. Paisley pattern is believed to be over 2,000 years old and was introduced to European traders alongside other fine fabrics as they made their way West. In modern times, paisley fabric is best associated with its popularity among the hippie scene in the late 1960s- 1970s, a reputation that somewhat persists today. Paisley is also a flexible pattern that can be designed to look elegant and classy or modern and fun, depending on the detailing and colors used in the pattern. Our lively Villette Lumbar Pillow comes in 3 bright colors that pay homage to the paisley of the 70s. The Medfield Pillow Sham, on the other hand, takes a much more muted approach to paisley floral pillows, featuring plenty of negative space and a solid silver or gold paisley pattern.


  • Vintage Floral
  • Vintage floral is pretty self-explanatory and the least specifically defined of the 3 floral patterns we mention here. Vintage floral is simply any floral pattern that is or looks “vintage”. Typically these patterns consist of large allover flowers drawn with lots of detail and in light, feminine colors. Think of what a typical grandmother’s wallpaper or couch may look like, and you’ve got vintage floral! These gorgeous fabric prints are great at accenting a room with a feminine and classy touch. The pattern on our bestselling Acton Pillow Sham is a gorgeous blend of chintz and vintage floral inspiration. While the Ashburnham Throw Pillow boasts rich colors with realistic flowers and bird print that brings the garden indoors.


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    How to Style Colorful Bedding

    How to Style Colorful Bedding

    Color, especially in terms of interior design, is something that some people can’t live without, while others may find it a bit intimidating. It can be easy to go with the safer option and fall into the rut of only ever investing in solid, neutral color bedding, rugs and furniture, then using smaller items like lamps, wall art, and pillows to bring in some texture and color. While there’s nothing wrong with this formula, of course, it can sometimes get a little repetitive, or never seem to quite capture that “magazine cover” look you might be aiming for.

    Even if you really love the idea of switching to a bright and colorful duvet or comforter, you may be wondering how you’re going to style it without it looking “kiddish” or gaudy. Mixing prints, patterns, and solids is a little bit art and a little bit science- and we're here to help break it down for you! Keep reading to find out our top tips for using The Pillow Collection pillows to style the latest trending bed set colors.

  • Green
  • Green bedding doesn't have to be what it sounds like. While bright lime and chartreuse greens may be too much for even the boldest of us, a muted olive or sage bedspread can be a stunning way to bring color into your room while still maintaining the neutrality of a more predictable beige or gray. Muted greens have become incredibly popular in recent years, partially thanks to the increase in biophilic style trends.

    Stick to earth tones throughout your bedroom by topping your duvet with our Lambert Pillow Sham; this vaguely tribal pattern lends a hint of urban jungle inspo in the form of a geometric. Offset the darkness of the brown and green by adding a warm peach, like this Rothschild Throw Pillow in Sherbet, for the perfect pop of color.

  • Blue
  • Blue bedding is a pretty tame option as far as colorful bedding goes. Sky blue shades are the perfect choice to complement white furniture and give a clean and airy feel to your sleeping space, while navy and cobalt add a bit of moodiness and look exquisite against a dark walnut or mahogany bed frame. For the former, we recommend mixing two patterns that include blue. All 3 colors of our Ace Pillow Shams have blue accents to match a range of blue bedding options. Keep it simple and let a few of these delicate watercolor floral pillows stand alone, or place our Xakery Sham behind it in either French Grey or one of our 3 blue options (Cello Blue, Cancun, and Regal Navy) for a bit of pattern play. By ensuring one pattern is busier than the other and they are different sizes, they don’t clash. To match a dark blue comforter or duvet, make a statement with the abstract design of our Olympia Lumbar Pillow in Coastal and surround it with solid neutrals in beige and white to create contrast and the perfect beachy vibe. 

  • Pink
  • Pink is probably the most difficult bedding color on this list to style due to its heavy associations with being a “feminine” color, which can make it not seem ideal for a bedroom- especially if it is a shared space. With the right accents and color choices, though, a pink bedspread can blend seamlessly with your interior design without looking too pink

    To make pink work in an adult bedroom, we suggest opting for blush or baby pink, rather than bright fuchsia shades. Not only is light pink what’s in style, but it is also considerably softer on the eyes and easy to work with in terms of styling. Also, a bright pink bed might not be the most relaxing thing to climb into after a long day! Consider tossing on some throw pillows in our Nakia print; the mid-tone gray offsets the delicate blush while the floral-esque geometric keeps it from looking too rugged. If you’re not afraid to add a little more color, our Cyprus Sham in Paint adds bright color that pops thanks to the white backdrop, without being too loud.

    Your bedroom is a place that should bring you a sense of peace and comfort to help you wind down at the end of the day and wake up feeling relaxed. While there are a few rules that exist to keep your interior design from looking hectic, it’s ultimately up to you how you decorate your space and which colors and patterns you do (or don’t) mix and match!

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    How to Style Your Patio Area

    How to Style Your Patio Area

    Spring is in the air, so it’s time to start getting that outdoor patio area prepped and looking cookout, bonfire, and party ready! Bring your style outdoors with our outside-approved pillows. Designed to be U/V fade resistant, durable, water resistant, and stain resistant, our collection of durable and eclectic outdoor throw pillow options will keep your patio space comfortable and on-trend for seasons to come.

    Keep it cool and coastal with our Halifax, Hancock, and Brinestone throw pillows. Pair with big stripes and bright reds, beiges, and blues for the perfect nautical-themed patio. Pair one solid pillow with one patterned on each side of a couch, or one of each on a chair, for some stylish asymmetry.


    For a fun, summery vibe, the Highland, Yamka, and Hilo pillows are the perfect touch. Colorful with fun patterns, they’re also the perfect choice when one pillow needs to do the job of many- especially in a small outdoor space like a balcony, or anywhere that just needs that little bit of summer flair! 


    Keep it classic and simple with stripes, solids, or timeless herringbone with the Underwood, Cambridge, and Edythe throw pillows. A friend to other patterns and prints, these selections would have a tough time not suiting your pre-existing decor! Suitable with almost any patio furniture, decor style, and personal taste, these tried-and-true pieces will be with you for seasons to come.

    Tip: Play around with different hues, textures, and subtle patterns for an effortlessly cool look.

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    How to Buy Throw Pillows I The Pillow Collection

    How to Buy Throw Pillows

    Looking to buy throw pillows? Shopping for throw pillows can be daunting. There are literally hundreds of thousands of options to choose from which cover any and every style you can dream up. (We have a few thousand throw pillows for sale just on our own website!)

    So how do you narrow down the best styles for your space? Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on a newly renovated room, or giving an old décor scheme a new twist, these expert tips will help you choose the right throw pillows for your space.

    Throw Pillow Color:

    How to Buy Throw Pillows I The Pillow Collection

    We recommend narrowing down your choices first by color. Color not only has the biggest potential impact on the overall design of your space, but it’s also the easiest criterion for weeding out what will and won’t work.

    There are a few ways to go about choosing a color for your throw pillows.

    1. Look to other pieces in the room. The easiest place to pull color inspiration is from other pieces in the room. If there’s a shade in your drapery that really catches your eye, or you want to reinforce your blue-and-white porcelain collection, for example, use these elements as design cues.

    2. Consider the amount of color already in the room. If your couch is a saturated shade of navy velvet, your rug is a rainbow of pinks and blues, and your walls are covered in shiny gold frames, then your throw pillows might be an opportunity to add some “white space” in a color-saturated room. Consider pairing one colorful pillow with a two or three others in complimentary neutrals.

    3. Think repetition. When it comes to color in a room, repetition is key to making a design feel cohesive. So whatever color you choose for your pillows, be sure its represented in at least two other places throughout the room.\

    Throw Pillow Print

    How to Buy Throw Pillows I The Pillow Collection

    Unlike color, the key to nailing print in a room isn’t repetition, but variety. That doesn’t mean you need to mix polka dots, checks and stripes to create a beautiful space. What is does mean is that the prints you choose for your room must have enough variation in their size and scale so that each pattern stands out distinctly from the others. Too many small- or large-scale prints compete with one another and feel busy, while one small-scale, one medium-scale, and one large-scale print, on the other hand, will look complementary and balanced.

    For example, if you have large-scale geometric-print curtains, try a small-scale animal-print pillow and a medium-scale stripe.

    Throw Pillow Fabric

    How to Buy Throw Pillows I The Pillow Collection

    The fabric of the pillows you choose can be just as much of a design element as the color or print. Fabrics with sheen, like velvet or silk, feel fancier than matte linens and cottons, while heavy textures like faux fur, flannel or cable knit instantly bring a warm, wintry vibe to any space they occupy.

    One good rule of thumb: If you want pillows with color AND pattern, look for a simple fabric like cotton. On the other hand, if you’re opting for all solid pillows in neutral shades, fabric is a chance to add texture and depth to your room, so consider statement makers like faux fur and velvet.

    Throw Pillow Fill

    How to Buy Throw Pillows I The Pillow Collection

    Most pillows come in either down or polyester fill. If you’re going for looks-only and are working on a budget, polyester-fill pillows are the less-expensive option, while still being plenty durable and comfortable. Choose down-fill if you prefer natural materials, love the look of “fluffed” pillow, and want extra comfort.

    Also, when shopping around for pillows, check to see if the manufacturer lists the size of the pillow insert. In an 18″ x 18″ pillow, for example, a 20″ x 20″ pillow insert is ideal, to ensure a snug, full fit.

    Now that you know what you’re looking for, browse our collection by style, color,  pattern, or fabric, here.

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    Three Approaches to Living Room Design I The Pillow Collection

    Three Approaches to Living Room Design

    In every home, the living room is a natural gathering spot, a place where friends and family convene to relax, watch a movie, or enjoy conversation (and perhaps a cocktail or two). However, depending on the needs of your family and the size of your home, the function–and design–of your living room may vary from a comfy, casual spot, to an adults-only space with a more formal feel.

    Trying to determine the style of space that’s right for your home? Here, we’ve put together three approaches to living room design that scale from relaxed to regal.

    The Family Space

    Three Approaches to Living Room Design I The Pillow Collection
    If you live in a home with one main gathering space, it’s likely that your living room will act as a family room, too. Meaning it will be the spot where the entire family gathers to watch television or play board games, but it’ll also be the space where you entertain, too. In this type of room plenty of seating and lots of storage are key. Start with a sectional sofa in a dark hue, which will accommodate a crowd while covering up spills. Adding in furniture like storage ottomans or a bookshelf filled with pretty baskets will allow you to quickly store toys and games when company comes over. Finish off the look with accents like toss pillows and throw blankets, which are both decorative and cozy.

    The Relaxed Living Room

    Three Approaches to Living Room Design I The Pillow Collection
    If you do happen to have a separate living room space, that doesn’t mean it has to be downright formal. You can take a slightly more elevated approach to the design of your space while still keeping it comfortable and inviting. Instead of a sectional, choose a separate sofa and loveseat or a pair of armchairs in classic, more structured shapes. If you have children, stick to resilient fabrics and darker upholstery. If not, pale neutral shades like white, cream, and khaki are light and beautiful options.

    The Formal Room

    Three Approaches to Living Room Design I The Pillow CollectionBring on the breakables! If you have space for a formal living room in addition to a family room, you can also consider making it a space that’s adults only; somewhere you can gather with your own friends without worrying they might trip over legos and spill their martini. Use the living room as a space that’s a representation of your style without worrying about whether or not it’s functional for the rest of the family. It’s the perfect place to indulge your love of mirrored furniture, glass tabletops, sharp edges and light colors.

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    The History of Ikat & Why We Love It I The Pillow Collection

    The History of Ikat & Why We Love It

    Ikat throw pillows may be a huge trend in interior design at the moment, but the popular printmaking technique actually has roots that date back hundreds of years. The process, which involves strategically tying and knotting yarn then dying it in order to form patterns, can almost be likened to tie-dye, except that the dying is done before individual threads are actually woven into fabric.

    The History of Ikat & Why We Love It I The Pillow Collection

    Ikat has been traced to cultures around the world since the middle ages. Though the term Ikat itself is a Malaysian word, the technique didn’t exactly originate there. Ikat designs dating back centuries have been pinpointed in cultures from South America, to Japan and Central Asia. After being westernized by silk road traders in the 1800s, Ikat designs have remained a staple in both fashion and interior design, but there’s been an especially big resurgence over the last few years.

    Given the fact that Ikat has origins around the globe, it’s not surprising that it’s become especially popular over recently, as the bohemian look and decor with an indigenous, worldly feel have both exploded in popularity.

    One of our favorite parts about the print is just how versatile it is. Ikat prints can be geometric or abstract, contemporary or traditional, bold or subdued.

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