Color, especially in terms of interior design, is something that some people can’t live without, while others may find it a bit intimidating. It can be easy to go with the safer option and fall into the rut of only ever investing in solid, neutral color bedding, rugs and furniture, then using smaller items like lamps, wall art, and pillows to bring in some texture and color. While there’s nothing wrong with this formula, of course, it can sometimes get a little repetitive, or never seem to quite capture that “magazine cover” look you might be aiming for.

Even if you really love the idea of switching to a bright and colorful duvet or comforter, you may be wondering how you’re going to style it without it looking “kiddish” or gaudy. Mixing prints, patterns, and solids is a little bit art and a little bit science- and we're here to help break it down for you! Keep reading to find out our top tips for using The Pillow Collection pillows to style the latest trending bed set colors.

  • Green
  • Green bedding doesn't have to be what it sounds like. While bright lime and chartreuse greens may be too much for even the boldest of us, a muted olive or sage bedspread can be a stunning way to bring color into your room while still maintaining the neutrality of a more predictable beige or gray. Muted greens have become incredibly popular in recent years, partially thanks to the increase in biophilic style trends.

    Stick to earth tones throughout your bedroom by topping your duvet with our Lambert Pillow Sham; this vaguely tribal pattern lends a hint of urban jungle inspo in the form of a geometric. Offset the darkness of the brown and green by adding a warm peach, like this Rothschild Throw Pillow in Sherbet, for the perfect pop of color.

  • Blue
  • Blue bedding is a pretty tame option as far as colorful bedding goes. Sky blue shades are the perfect choice to complement white furniture and give a clean and airy feel to your sleeping space, while navy and cobalt add a bit of moodiness and look exquisite against a dark walnut or mahogany bed frame. For the former, we recommend mixing two patterns that include blue. All 3 colors of our Ace Pillow Shams have blue accents to match a range of blue bedding options. Keep it simple and let a few of these delicate watercolor floral pillows stand alone, or place our Xakery Sham behind it in either French Grey or one of our 3 blue options (Cello Blue, Cancun, and Regal Navy) for a bit of pattern play. By ensuring one pattern is busier than the other and they are different sizes, they don’t clash. To match a dark blue comforter or duvet, make a statement with the abstract design of our Olympia Lumbar Pillow in Coastal and surround it with solid neutrals in beige and white to create contrast and the perfect beachy vibe. 

  • Pink
  • Pink is probably the most difficult bedding color on this list to style due to its heavy associations with being a “feminine” color, which can make it not seem ideal for a bedroom- especially if it is a shared space. With the right accents and color choices, though, a pink bedspread can blend seamlessly with your interior design without looking too pink

    To make pink work in an adult bedroom, we suggest opting for blush or baby pink, rather than bright fuchsia shades. Not only is light pink what’s in style, but it is also considerably softer on the eyes and easy to work with in terms of styling. Also, a bright pink bed might not be the most relaxing thing to climb into after a long day! Consider tossing on some throw pillows in our Nakia print; the mid-tone gray offsets the delicate blush while the floral-esque geometric keeps it from looking too rugged. If you’re not afraid to add a little more color, our Cyprus Sham in Paint adds bright color that pops thanks to the white backdrop, without being too loud.

    Your bedroom is a place that should bring you a sense of peace and comfort to help you wind down at the end of the day and wake up feeling relaxed. While there are a few rules that exist to keep your interior design from looking hectic, it’s ultimately up to you how you decorate your space and which colors and patterns you do (or don’t) mix and match!

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    June 09, 2022 — Merchandising Dept