When it comes to choosing throw pillows, your options are pretty much endless (we have over 800 styles here at TPC alone!) While that prospect may seem a bit overwhelming at first, learning what the different shapes, sizes, and styles of decorative pillows are best suited for helps to make sense of your options. In general, there are a few standard shapes and sizes you can expect to find offered by most pillow manufacturers, one of those being the lumbar pillow.

Lumbar pillows, a close cousin of the square throw pillow, feature a rectangular shape and come in a range of sizes from small, at barely a foot long, to oversized lumbar cushions, such as body pillows. They are ideal for adding a bit of additional back support to a chair or couch under the guise of just being a cute decor item. Lumbar pillows also, typically, are larger than a square pillow or sham (at least in width) so they are great for filling in horizontal space, like on a wide couch for example. All lumbar pillows we offer here at The Pillow Collection are made in the USA and include a 95/5 feather down insert or a 100% poly fiber insert for outdoor styles. They come in 4 sizes: 12" x 18", 12" x 24", 14" x 36", and 14" x 48".

There are a thousand ways you can style a lumbar pillow, but we’ve put together 3 easy ways that you can incorporate a lumbar throw pillow into your home decor. 

Sweet & Simple

Plopping down an extra long lumbar pillow on any bed or couch is an opportunity to make a statement with your decor that is bold, yet tasteful. An extra long lumbar pillow can be used as a color pop, for a bit of pattern play, to bring in an accent color, and so much more. A 14" x 48" lumbar cushion will be hard to miss once laid across your bed or sofa, so use it wisely!

One thing we love about using a large lumbar pillow is that it also adds practicality to your decor (and who doesn't mant more of that?) If you’re someone who dreads arranging a stack of throw pillows on your bed each morning, or you’re tired of fluffing and adjusting your decorative couch pillows every time you get up, a lumbar cushion eliminates those issues entirely.

Additionally, if you lean toward minimalist decor or, conversely, have a couch or bedding that already has a lot going on, a single, simple lumbar pillow might be just the finishing touch that your space needs.

For this style, we recommend a bold yet timeless pattern, like our Jaspen Lumbar Pillow, which features a black and white buffalo plaid pattern.

Buffalo Check Lumbar Pillow | The Pillow Collection

Mix it Up

Use a lumbar pillow within an arrangement of other decorative throw pillows, such as euro shams, bolster pillows, and other lumbar cushion sizes to create a look that is playful and dynamic. Feel free to experiment with patterns, colors, textures, and shapes to create a designer-inspired, yet personalized look.

We suggest including some symmetry within the arrangement (like on either side of a couch) to help create cohesion. Making your pillow display asymmetrical, though, can add a bit of edginess to your decor by going against predictable pillow styling.

For this look, choosing a pillow that goes with everything is the perfect place to build off of. We recommend something like our Fairfield Lumbar Pillow, which features a muted medallion print  - plus it comes in multiple colorways that you can mix and match!

Tip: If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by options and want some advice on how to shop for throw pillows, check out our blog: How To Buy Throw Pillows.


Get Creative!

If you’re anything like we are here at TPC, you’ve already got a few too many throw pillows than you can reasonably decorate with, but love to keep shopping for and decorating with new ones. Well, what if we told you that decorative cushions don’t have to stay on the couch or bed? Try adding throw pillows to other spots in your home, such as chairs, futons, recliners, benches, and ottomans (don’t forget your outdoor living spaces!)

Not only does this create physical comfort for when those furniture pieces are used (even if it’s a rarity), but it allows you to express yourself (and your superb decorating skills) all throughout the home. So go ahead, give those boxed up toss cushions a new place to shine!

We love the way our Cyprus Throw Pillow in Paint, Cove Throw Pillow, and Riverdale Lumbar Pillow in Watermelon look styled on a bench (pictured below), creating an inviting entryway that tastefully blends neutrals with color.

Remember: These tips are simply intended to serve as a guideline or jumping-off point for you to explore new pillow styles. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your own ideas and break away from the “rules” of home decorating - just have fun with it!

August 17, 2023 — Support Team