Pillow fluffing

We know that you want your throw pillows to look good. Like, really good. The first step to wow-ing your friends and family with your designer throw pillows is picking the perfect fabric for your space - but we know you have that covered. You have great taste.

The second step is properly fluffing your pillows when they arrive to their new home. That's why we're here to remind you to give them a good fluff. A really good fluff if you want them looking their best.

why should you fluff?

That's a great question and we'd love to tell you.

Our pillows are compressed for shipment so the pillow inserts aren't looking their very best when they come out of the box. It is important to fluff them to break up any clumps of feathers and to allow the filling to fully expand.

How should you fluff?

We recommend a vigourous fluffing, especially when your pillows are new out of the box.

SLAP: Lay it flat and give it a few good slaps and punches to evenly distribute the filling.

SHAKE: Hold your pillow by two corners and shake it, then rotate and shake it from two other corners.

KARATE CHOP: "Karate chopping" the center of your pillow forces fill into the corners and gives it a distinguished look.